Will a Backsplash Add Value to My Home 2021?

Yes is the short answer!

There are two rooms that buyers inspect and judge the most, the kitchen and the bathroom.

With the average cost to renovate a kitchen or bathroom standing at between £10,000 to £25,000, a more economical upgrade option is worth considering.

One of our handmade backsplashes is an easy and relatively low-cost way to improve your kitchen or bathroom AND make your home stand out.

The Wow Factor

Our original and unique hand-painted backsplash designs are guaranteed to give you an eye-catching centrepiece.

You can choose a design to make it stand out or match with your home decor choices.

Beautiful to Behold

A backsplash can be a beautiful thing and if you opt for our custom choice, then you can also have anything your heart or imagination desires!

Pick all one colour, or combine as many colours as you want.

We can do any colour, size or design.

The possibilities are endless.

For example, you could add a light colour to brighten up a dark area underneath cabinets or add dark tile underneath a window to keep things looking clean and fresh.   

Super Functional

A backsplash is the best way to keep things clean in your kitchen and your bathroom. 

Our hand-painted glazed ceramic tiles will never fade, will not stain from grease or sauce splashes, and will look beautiful while doing it. 

It’s the perfect solution for some of the messiest areas of your house!

Browse more than 70 of our original handmade backsplash designs.

Our backsplash designs are as unique as the homes they go to!


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