Handmade Ceramic Tiles and Custom Commissions.

We are husband and wife artists working from our studio in North Wales UK.
Our story started when we met at University, while doing Fine Art degrees. After graduating we moved to London to further our careers.
Eventually we grew tired of the city life, moved to North Wales and set up Paul and Meryl Pottery

We were looking for a tile backsplash and all we could find were the same old "portuguese tiles" or "a view of the Tuscan landscape".  All of these were in the old fashioned "country naive" style.
Why wasn't there anything,  a bit more up to date ?

Here I was, a homeowner that wanted to put my stamp on my home ( and add a little value! ) and all that was on offer was the same old designs that my grandparents had put up.
The only " new " tile backsplash I could find,  was plain glass ( boring ) or stainless steel ( very boring )

We decided it was time to do it ourselves and make colourful, unique and contemporary tile backsplashes.

So, if you're looking an exclusive and extra special ceramic artwork then look no further.

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