How to install your custom backsplash

Many of our customers have appreciated our How To Install a Backsplash instruction sheet.

It's how I've fitted tile murals in the past, it covers the basics and is meant as a guide only. 

1. Prepare the wall – Patch any holes and sand the area lightly to a smooth surface. Use mild soap and water to clean the wall and allow to dry. For any tough stains use a degreaser. Glossy surfaces are typically sanded and degreased. Make sure the wall is clean and dry. 

2. Using a spirit level, attach a ledgerboard – this is straight piece of wood (4”x1” x slightly longer than the mural) which provides temporary support for the tiles until the adhesive cures, keeping them level when there is no countertop. 

3. Lay out your mural – all of our tiles are numbered in sequence on the back, so this bits easy ! Find the center of the wall that best suits the design and mark a vertical line. Then mark where the mural will start and finish. Cover your countertop with thick cardboard to protect the cooker, also lay down some thick towels just in case of a tile being dropped. 

4. Mix your chosen adhesive ( Make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions on mixing and drying times) Apply the adhesive and spread on a small section of the wall with a drywall trowel. Small sections are best, as the adhesive dries quickly. Comb over with a notched trowel. 

5. Using the vertical centerpoint and the start/finish layout you have marked as your guide, press the first tile onto the wall with a little twist and press firmly. 

6. Working in small sections, repeat the procedure using tile spacers to ensure even spacing. 

7. Leave to dry for 24hrs, as per manufacturer instructions. 

8. Apply grout diagonally across the tiles using a rubber float to press into the joints. Wait 10 mins, then wipe away the excess with a sponge using a diagonal motion. Rinse the sponge often. You will get a slight haze left over but this will clean away with further wiping. ( Careful not to wipe away the grout ). 

9. Allow grout to dry as per manufacturer's instructions. 

10. Mission accomplished !  

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